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Anupam (Administrator)

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PostSubject: HOW TO USE THE COOKIES    Wed Nov 21, 2012 6:42 pm

........................HOW TO USE THE COOKIES ?

A cookie is a piece of text, sent by a server to your browser, used to store information ab- out you. Any website you visit can manage its own cookies. The cookie can be used for au- thentication, identification or just to store preferences. A cookie doesn't have to contain data. A unique key or identifier is enough information for the server to recognize you and store information about you. A cookie you get from www.liveac.blogspot.com is nothing more than a piece of text containing a key or identifier, set by the filehoster, referring to a premium account or session. When you set this cookie in your browser the cookie will be sent to the filehoster with all page requests, sending the key or identifier and receiving the premium account or session information. We use these cookies to grant our users access to premium accounts.
How to use cookies:-

Easy steps which can help you to use premium cookies provided by our site. All steps are same for filesonic, hotfile, wupload, fileserve, megaupload etc. Here the example for hotfile

1) Install the latest version of Firefox Here
2) Download the Cookie Editor for Firefox Here (for Firefox 3.x) or Here (for Firefox 4)
3) Open Firefox and login to your hotfile free account.
4) Go to Tools > Cookie Editor.

5) Search for "hotfile" and press "Filter/Refresh".

6) Double click to "hotfile.com" site with "auth" value.

7) Paste a valid premium cookie to "Content" bar and click the save button.
Cool Refresh the page and Enjoy.

To add other file hosts cookie, Change the steps 5 & 6 like below

Filesonic: Search for "filesonic" with "PHPSESSID" value.
Hotfile: Search for "hotfile" with "auth" value.
Wupload: Search for "wupload" with "PHPSESSID" value.
Fileserve: Search for "fileserve" with "PHPSESSID" value.
Megaupload: Search for "megaupload" with "user" value.
Oron: Search for "oron" with "xfss" value.
Rapidshare: Search for "rapidshare" with "enc" value.

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